–adjusting hours–
                           Monday                       7a – 12p,    2 – 7p

                           Wednesday                 7a – 12p,    2 – 7p

                            Friday               7a   –   4p  OPEN black Friday!

                                                  CLOSED Christmas Day Fri Dec 25
                                                  Happy New Years Day! CLOSED Fri Jan 1, 2021
                                                  CLOSED Fri January 22nd
                                                  CLOSED Mon January 25th


…and you can also use many other sources to know about when I’m in and when I’m ouuuuuut:

1. LIKE my facebook page
2. CALL the prerecorded hotline message at 920-710-1711
3. WATCH the moving signboard in the window of our downtown storefront
4. LOOK for the sidewalk sandwich board….if it’s out there I’m IN the office

We all need adjusted, so getcha spine in here!!


When someone starts getting their adjustments properly, it’s recommended to come in 6-10 times the first month, but ultimately someone can put 1-4 WEEKS in between. These hours can hopefully accommodate the kind of schedule I recommend. If you ever need me a different time, just leave a message on the hotline. Chances are I’m at my house in the woods working on cars or roaming the forest with my pet panther. His name is Tango. He’s really just a cat, but he thinks he’s a panther. I just go with it.

I do travel from time to time, but if I’m in central WI I’ll come meet you at the office at another time. Even Saturdays and Sundays. Just ask.

OPEN Black Friday 11/27 normal hrs 7a-4p. holiday specials are starting click here for details